What Does Marketing Cost?

The number one thing that I get asked all the time is "how much is this going to cost me?". There is no easy answer.

It’s not easy to speculate what it would cost. Once we have established what we’re dealing with we can start looking into costs and budgets.

Can you call your local mechanic and ask him how much it would cost to fix your car without him properly inspecting the car? I doubt it (and if he does It’s probably subject to change).

All to say, we can be building or marketing anything from social media sites to full on websites, marketing campaigns that span through search queries on major engine to display campaigns that work with millions of partnership sites that enable you to reach customers locally and/or Worldwide and it doesn’t stop there. The internet has become what is today a major role player in business.

With most companies choosing to be online there’s no reason for you to stay in the dark, there are profits to be made.

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